01. The new boss [inquired] why I was late so often, and I explained that I am a single mom, and sometimes have to look after my kids in the morning.
02. Someone phoned today to [inquire] about our car for sale.
03. The businessman stopped at the hotel front desk to [inquire] whether there had been any messages for him.
04. Children have a naturally [inquiring] mind that helps them in learning.
05. My wife looked at me [inquiringly] when I told her I was thinking of quitting my job.
06. We have made some [inquiries] into the company you are thinking of dealing with, and have found out that they have a bad reputation.
07. The government has called for an independent [inquiry] into the scandal.
08. New evidence was brought forward during the murder [inquiry] that show that the man convicted of the crime may actually be innocent.
09. Countless [inquiries] into the assassination of John F. Kennedy have failed to determine whether his killer acted alone.
10. The government of Ontario is going to conduct an [inquiry] to find out how the water of the town of Walkerton became contaminated.
11. The police have been by making [inquiries] as to Mr. Hobson's whereabouts.
12. We made some [inquiries], and discovered that he has been fired from his last 3 jobs.
13. The Opposition is calling for an independent [inquiry] into the corruption allegations.
14. Your boss called to [inquire] after your health.
15. In response to your recent [inquiry], we are not accepting applications at this time.
16. My assistant will [inquire] as to the cost of flights to Bangkok.
17. Michel de Montaigne maintained that we are born to [inquire] after truth.
18. Thomas Paine once observed that it is error only, and not truth, that shrinks from [inquiry].

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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